Our mission at Aging Issues Info is to help individuals and families feel comfortable talking about aging issues and end-of-life planning. We know that many senior citizens need support because there is a significant gap between the plans people know they need and taking steps to make them. We help seniors make their good intentions a reality. We talk about the topic out in the open and help others to address it responsibly.

Joseph L. Soricelli is an independent Consultant with over 30 years planning experience. He is a Certified Medicaid Planner, a licensed Senior Real Estate Specialist and has an AIFA Designation certifying his understanding of fiduciary standards of care and their application to the investment management process.

Joe has dedicated his lengthy career to helping people plan for their families. His accrued knowledge has made him an expert in assisting seniors and their families with planning for potential long-term care expenses while preserving their assets. His multi-generational approach empowers individuals and families to accumulate, distribute and protect assets so family legacies and traditions can be passed down from generation to generation.

Joe discusses Aging Issues on WVOX 1460 AM with his “Aging Issues Radio” program and spends much time in the community giving presentations about the wide-array of aging issues that we all will face at some point in our lives: Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care, Housing, Estate Planning, Income Planning, Asset Protection, and Fraud Prevention.

Joe is a zealous advocate for affordable senior housing and has gone into the political arena to promote that agenda. He is on a mission to help people enjoy retirement by planning for a future with peace of mind and a realistic sense of security. Joe believes strongly that when families plan together everything is better.

Joe has received many awards over his 30-year career. He is married with three grown children, is active in his church, Lions Club and at the Alzheimer’s Association, as well as a Friend of Westchester Parks. He serves his hometown as a zoning board member and assists in stage production at his local high school and community theater.

Give Joe a call. He would be happy to assist you with your needs.  (914) 468-0185