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Senior Law Day Program

Aging and it’s Financial Implications on Housing

Where to live and how to afford it upon retirement is an utmost concern for you. And, housing may account for a large portion of your retirement income. It’s vital to the success of your  financial plans that you be proactive and prepared. Learn the options and the effects on your finances.


Empty Rooms in Your House, another senior maybe willing to rent it?

The county is Introducing a program through churches and senior centers to match willing seniors who would like to share housing.  Let’s discuss the pros and cons of having a roommate as we age. It is an option to keep you in the home you love.


Thinking of Selling your Home or putting it in a trust?   A checklist to consider

Learn how to protect yourself and your belongings. Learn your Rights,  Learn the recommended process ,  and most Important  Confirm the house is properly insured, if the grantor or trustees don’t live in the house you may not be properly insured.